New Tech

Cousin Dave, the Cruizin’ Mexican and the Car-Nut Gene

Cousin Dave got the same gene I did and is a car nut. As with most genes, his was modified such that he loves to go FAST. He had a Cobra , moved to a Chrysler Viper, and now has a Miata. He’s raced at all the tracks in Northern California, most recently at Monterey to end the season winning in his class. 

Me? Nothing better than resting that folded arm out the window and enjoying the ride!

I’m the Cruzin’ Mexican. 

Dave and I spent a day looking at cars for sale back when and I settled on a Speedster. Since then adding the ’67 Mustang, the ’81 Corvette, the ’61 VW, the ’55 F100, the ’47 Willys and the ‘06 Mustang to engage the technical brain. As I’ve stated before and reconfirm here, Yep I collect… it’s to engage the brain and hands. [Can you say ‘busy hands are happy hands?] Every single of the above needed me to work and run. Every single one taught me lessons.

I’m not against technology as long as the human stays engaged.

Just recently a driver in So. Cal was convicted and fined $23K for killing two people when his electric self-driving car crashed into them. The car was paying attention, apparently not him. Late last year driverless self-driving “Cabs” were suspended in San Francisco for causing severe safety problems.

Am I against technology? No. Chips, electrons and code have been my life. I am for humans controlling technology. It’s our brains that create and make it work. I’m for living life not sitting in one of these while you’re still fortunate enough not to have to. I’m for me being responsible for me, not my AI App.

The Roamin’ Angels have dedicated themselves to encouraging the kids to get their hands and brains engaged using the classics as a base and starting point for some 60 years. Kudos to us!

Let’s renew the dedication and commitment in 2024. The opportunities will be there, trust me. More on that subject to follow but circle 5/18/24 now so as not to be left out.

Happy 2024!

Commentary by Mike H.