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PURPOSE: The purpose of this information is to provide guidelines to the Chairman of the Scholarship Programs and the Scholarship Committee Program.


Candidates may be selected from the following list:
1) The program may award zero (0), one (1) or two (2) scholarships per calendar year to graduating Western Nevada County, Colfax or Placer High School seniors.
2) A direct descendent of a current Roamin Angel member who is graduating from high school and intends to seek an automotive career.
3) An honorably discharged military veteran, who applies within 18 months of their discharge, is currently a resident of Western Nevada County and intends to seek an automotive career.
4) A high school student who lives in Western Nevada County and is working in an automotive business in an effort to become an automotive tech. This person would be working for no pay as an apprentice but may incur expenses for travel or equipment needed for work. A portion of this scholarship may be needed to pay for expenses incurred by the applicant’s automotive business.

Each scholarship shall be in the amount of two thousand ($2000) dollars per scholastic year and is renewable once for a period of one (1) year for a total of not more than two (2) consecutive scholastic years and a total of not more than four thousand ($4000) dollars


To achieve the stated purpose, the Board shall designate a Board member as the chairman of the Scholarship Committee. The Committee shall be comprised of the chairman plus at least four but not more than six club members. This is an ad hoc committee and not a standing committee. A new committee shall be selected for each scholarship year.

The principal responsibility of the Committee is to review all of the scholarship applications that are received in the prescribed format and on or before the published or established due date. Each member of the Committee shall receive a copy of every application and shall make an independent review of the information therein based on the established criteria. Each member shall score each applicant based on their analysis of each application with a scoring system provided and explained by the Chairman. The Chairman will decide on the number of scholarships that will be awarded to the candidate or candidates that meet the Roamin Angel program requirements.


To qualify for consideration to receive a Roamin Angels Scholarship, each candidate shall meet the following guidelines:

1) The program is open to all graduating seniors from any high school in Western Nevada County plus Colfax and Placer High Schools.
2) A direct descendent of a current Roamin Angel member who is a graduating senior and is seeking an automotive career.
3) The program is also available to honorable discharged military veterans who apply with (but not more than) 18 months of their discharge and are currently a resident of Western Nevada County.
4) A Western Nevada County high school student who is working as an apprentice in an automotive business.
5) The program is available to those who intend on enrolling as a full-time (12 college units or more) student. No part-time students shall be considered.
6) Each MUST submit a Nevada Union High School District Scholarship Application or similar format for Colfax and Placer students, including all supporting documents to be received by the Chairman on or before the published or established due date.
7) An applicant from 2, 3, or 4 above must request an application form from the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee and return the application to the Chairman.
8) Each application SHOULD include a statement from the candidate indicating their desire to establish a career within a specified field of the automotive industry.
9) Each candidate MUST state their intended scholastic major field of study which must be directly related to achieving their stated automotive career goal(s).
10) All pertinent Roamin Angel documents MUST be signed by both the candidate/award winner and a parent or guardian if they are under the age of 18 years.


The Committee members shall consider the qualifications and merits of each candidate based on the following criteria:

1) Submission of the application and all of the required supporting documentation in the proper format, including all necessary signatures and on or before the published or established due date. Failure to comply with this requirement shall be grounds for the rejection of the entire applications.
2) Inclusion of a specific declaration of intent to develop a career within the automotive industry and a clearly stated scholastic major in an automotive field of study.
3) Results of the personal interview with the candidate.
4) Financial need.
5) High school scholastic achievement. (GPA)
6) Extracurricular activities, achievements and awards.
7) Letters of recommendation.


The Chairman shall prepare a brief report to the Board stating the names of the proposed award winners. This report shall include language that clearly states that each of these candidates met the eligibility requirements and if there are any unusual or non-complying issues that need to be addressed by the Board.


Generally, payments are only made directly to the college, university or trade school of choice for each scholarship award winner. To obtain payment for the first scholastic year, each winner must:

1) Submit proof of enrollment as a full-time student with a major in an automotive related field of study.
2) Be enrolled in at least one (1) automotive related class during each semester.

Exceptions may be granted with the concurrence of the Chairman and the approval of the Board to reimburse a winner for certain expenses incurred for:

1) The purchase of required tools, equipment or other related materials.
2) Uniforms, safety boots or other required clothing.
3) Transportation expenses.
4) Housing expenses.
5) Since some institutions do not have a procedure for receiving and dispersing funds, scholarship funds can be given directly to the winner.


To meet the intent of the program, each award winner MUST have declared the goal of developing a career within the automotive industry. As this is a very broad field that includes everything from engineering, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, repairs, custom design, fabrication, high performance and much more, it is impossible to specify an exact course curriculum that will fit every potential candidate. Additionally, students who are enrolled in a community college or conventional 4 year college/university may be required to take general education courses during their lower division studies before they can enroll in the courses that are focused on their automotive major. Therefore, latitude in the funding/payment requirements may be granted to an award winner on a case by case basis on the recommendation of the Chairman and with the concurrence of the Board.


Winners who desire consideration for the 2nd year renewal of a Roamin Angels Scholarship must:

1) Submit a written request to the Chairman as far in advance of the start of the new scholastic year as possible.
2) This request MUST include copies of the previous scholastic year’s transcripts and proof of enrollment for the new scholastic year.
3) Have maintained at least a 3.0 (B) grade point average during the 1st scholastic year in automotive classes and a 2.0 (C) average overall.
4) Continue studies with an automotive related major.
5) Be enrolled in at least one (1) automotive related class during each semester.


The Scholarship Committee may also contribute funds to the 49er ROP Automotive Program of the Nevada Union High School. These funds will be used to help fund a program that sends high school students (with advisors) to local, state, and national competitions that test automotive problem diagnoses and repairs. This takes place among competing groups of students. These funds will be $200 to $500 per competition with the total yearly expenditures not to exceed $2000 (the cost of one yearly scholarship) per a calendar year.
These expenditures will be recommended by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
One organization that sponsors these competitions is Skills USA, a state sanctioned student leadership club. They put on these programs, which are similar to the programs and competitions for organizations such as Future Farmers of America and Future Business Leaders of America. These competitions are to foster and promote interest by students in various fields.


This policy may only be amended or deleted by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Photo collage of some of the Roamin Angels’ scholarship recipients.

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