The 2020 Cruisin the Pines Car Show has been cancelled due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19.

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For Sale or Trade
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For Sale

Have something to sell? Post it here.

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I have a set of 15" ...


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Upcoming Car Shows

Upcoming Car Show postings.

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Cruises & Other Events

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Taco Night - Tuesday...


Swap Meets

Swap meets, yard sales, garage sales - post it here.

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Event Request

Do you have an event that you'd like classic cars and hot rods to attend? Ask here. The agreement is strictly between the car owner(s) and the person requesting the car for their event and does not involve the Roamin Angels.

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Graduation event 5/2...

Jenny M

General Discussion



Open Forum

Discuss what you want...but keep it clean and friendly. No political comments please.


Project Discussion

Are you working on a car project? Have a question about how-to do something? Start the discussion here. There's a wealth of knowledge out there on the world wide web.



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