2023 Car Show Winners

BEST OF SHOW: Jim Brenthurst – 1932 Ford Roadster
BEST ENGINE: Mike Brown– 1960 Backyard Survivor
Young Guns: George Woodward– Nevada Union Auto Shop 1947 Plymouth Duster
COOL 50’s & 60’s CONVERTIBLE: Jerry Johnson– 1966 Sunbeam Tiger
BEST OFF ROAD: Dave Solara– 1972 Chevy/K5 Blower
BEST PAINT : Richard Mayer– 1939 Ford Convertible
GOOD NEIGHBOR : Orville Boger – 1947 WDX-D
HOTTEST 40s STREET ROD: Bob Hughton– 1947 Ford Convertible
HOTTEST BLUE OVAL : Jerry Lacer– 1940 Ford Coupe
BEST 4×4: Bill Lorrain– 1955 Chevy 3100 Napoo
BEST MUSCLE CAR: Jim Curry– 1971 Plymouth
REAL HOT ROD : Joe Buresh– 1933 Ford
DARE TO BE DIFFERENT: Kelly Houser– 1969 VW Manx Bug
COOL ROD: Philip Donaldson– 1934 Ford Coupe
BEST MOPAR: Rob Seaf – 1948 Plymouth Coupe
BEST MUSTANG: Patrick Farrell – 1964 Ford Mustang Convertible
TRI-FIVE AWARD: Dennis Gerrity– 1956 Chevy Belair Hard Top
BEST RACE CAR: Ray & Karin Francien– 1955 Chevy 210
BEST 60s / 70s TRUCK: Nancy Murray– 1972 Chevy C-10
BEST RAT ROD: Dick Engles– 1923 Buick
BAD TO THE BONE: Ed Flowerdew – 1962 T-Bird Sports Roadster
BEST CORVETTE : Colette Young– 1951 Corvette
BEST 60s CONVERTIBLE: Fred Lucas– 1965 Pontiac GTO
Bob & Nancy GRAY FAMILY AWARD: Ron Brooks– 1940 Chevy
BEST RESTORED: Terry Liberty– 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix
MOST UNUSUAL: Entry #136– VW Wagon
CLASSIC IMPORTS: Joseph Yarmolouich– 1952 Triumph TR3
LATE MODEL MUSCLE CAR: Zachary Wescott – 1979 Pontiac Trans Am
TRADITIONAL CUSTOM: Keith Bell– 1951 Mercury
PEOPLE’S CHOICE (Vote): Terry Stiller– 1948 Cadillac

Poker Walk Winner : Keith Wilson
Gravity Drags: Ava  (8 years old) – 1st Place
Recycled Roadsters
– People’s Choice/2nd Place:Kern C. (3rd Grade) – Dream House RV
– 1st Place:Bronson C. (1st Grade) – The Snake Mobile