Rods & Relics Car Show 2024

Rods & Relics Car Show
Lincoln • June 1, 2024

This was a BIG show. It took 6 square city/neighborhood blocks! I talked to the ladies at the registration booth at 10:00 and they said they had 450 cars and there were still cars coming in and 50 registrations left to hand out. So, 500 cars had signed up. It was alot of walking but I covered [I think] the whole show. I am finding out that if I hang the camera around my neck and talk to these car show officials and club officers, they’re all more than willing to tell me about their shows, upcoming events and other info. I just tell them I am with the Roamin Angels media dept. and I am getting alot of info and attention. It seems most of these clubs or car shows do not have a nice professional newsletter like the Roamin Angels. Most have just a website you can go to for info.
The weather was not too hot, it did get warmer later in the afternoon. Lincoln is a nice little town. I had never been. I am taking my pics early in the day as these bigger shows have so many people around the cars and in the streets that it is tough to get good shots of the cars. I hope you like the pics.
I have been trying to get more shots of the cars you don’t see very often.
This was a great show. Maybe we can get some Roamin Angels to cruise up to it next year.

Photo above: This is Kas. She is a model and was doing a photo shoot at the show that day. She asked if she could use my car for her photo shoot, I naturally approved! Her Mom was with her and the photographer, and is her manager and helped her prep for photos. They could not have been nicer and very appreciative. I would like to designate her as the official Roamin’ Angels “Pin-up” girl! She is at bluegrasskas@instagram.

Happy Motoring! Keep the wheel side down!
– Your Roving Reporter, Don… Remember, I am behind the lens for you!!