2024 Downtown GV Car Show

The Roamin Angels “Pit Crew” really stepped up for this show. Mike H., Larry J., and Mike T. did a great job of getting the cars checked in and parked. Pat G. and Karin R. took care of the registration and sales booth. New members, Lori and Robert M. did the judging. It was warm, not too hot but the Millers did a lot of walking checking out the cars. I think the whole crew deserves a special thanks.

It seems there were a lot of local car mechanics, auto shop and garage owners and people in our classic car hobby that were there, quite a few that don’t even show at Cars and Coffee. That’s a good thing. Good that they came out and supported the show. The Cars and Coffee Gang was also well represented.

We all missed Gary and Jeanette. I understand he is doing well now and is back with his unbelievable energy to gathering support and donors for our September show.

It was a large crowd I was told that the show had close to two hundred cars!

Your Roving Reporter, Don