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Club Programs

Besides having fun with our cars and getting together, the Roamin Angels also help support the local community in many ways.


To qualify for consideration to receive a Roamin Angels Scholarship, each candidate shall meet the following guidelines:

  • The program is open to all graduating seniors from any high school in Western Nevada County plus Colfax and Placer High Schools.
  • A direct descendent of a current Roamin Angel member who is a graduating senior and is seeking an automotive career.
  • The program is also available to honorable discharged military veterans who apply with (but not more than) 18 months of their discharge and are currently a resident of Western Nevada County.
  • A Western Nevada County high school student who is working as an apprentice in an automotive business.
  • The program is available to those who intend on enrolling as a full-time (12 college units or more) student. No part-time students shall be considered.
  • Each MUST submit a Nevada Union High School District Scholarship Application or similar format for Colfax and Placer students, including all supporting documents to be received by the Chairman on or before the published or established due date.
  •  An applicant from 2, 3, or 4 above must request an application form from the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee and return the application to the Chairman.
  • Each application SHOULD include a statement from the candidate indicating their desire to establish a career within a specified field of the automotive industry.
  • Each candidate MUST state their intended scholastic major field of study which must be directly related to achieving their stated automotive career goal(s).
  • All pertinent Roamin Angel documents MUST be signed by both the candidate/award winner and a parent or guardian if they are under the age of 18 years.



Is your teen a safe driver? Licensed or permitted Students 15-18 years of age who reside in Nevada County can sign up for the “Survive the Drive” life saving teen car control clinic. Hands-on driving Participants must possess a valid California driver’s license or permit. Participants are required to bring their parent(s) or guardian(s) to participate in the training. Guests and observers of all ages are welcome. The clinic will be held at the Public Safety Training Center near Grass Valley‛s Sierra College Campus and will include classroom presentations, hands on driving experiences, car control exercises and fundamentals of driving safety.



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