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From Mike Hauser: 

This weekend would have been the 4th "Drive to Survive" event. As you know we are unable to stage our teen safe driving program because of the shut down.

That doesn't mean the work stops.

Dr. Browning of "Impact Teen Driving" and the CHP have asked me to share an interactive program in development for your testing and feedback.

I've watched the video (10min or so), taken the quiz and passed the link on to my Grandsons for their review. Both are new drivers.

Since we all have the time why don't you do the same. The content is what we've hammered on the last 3 years. Just double click the link.

Below is their message.

Thanks to the support of the Office of Traffic Safety and CHP we have completed the Online CA Parent-Teen GDL Module, as well as continue to offer free evidence-based programs via webinars for teens, parents, student leaders, and those looking to learn how to facilitate our programs in schools next year.

Please share the new Online CA Parent-Teen GDL Module with appropriate audiences (see url link below). I am also requesting that if you can spare some time to take the module that you do so, or share it with a loved one that has a teen about to start the driving process or in the driving process. This will allow you to have first-hand knowledge of the usefulness, feel, and hopefully ease of use. Also, the new module (as well as our other online programs) meet the Department of Education California Health Standards of Injury Prevention and Safety—so please share with your school/parent contacts.

https://www.impactteendrivers.org/resources/CAGDL .


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