Car Show, Beyond And More

Ray directing traffic at the down town Grass Valley car show May 4, 2019

Let’s begin by thanking Chal Dececco for attending the last car show meeting.  While we are focused on 4 Wheeled toys, Chal’s preference is the 2-wheel variety. Chal’s input and suggestions regarding attracting more Classic Bikes to our Cruisin the Pines 2019 adventure generated interest from the entire crowd. One interesting idea was to spread the Bike displays around through all the buildings we take over for the show.  Having bikes in all the buildings provides attractions in all the buildings as added incentive to tour the whole show. Again, thanks Chal. Compliments also to all of you attending. Chal got nothing but respect and that was appreciated.

Last year we talked about staging a tasting for the local breweries as another proactive attraction. “Hot Rods and Hops”? Not only can we push the connection but the local breweries can talk the event and our show up throughout the Summer months.  Maybe even create a “Classic” Flavor? Who knows?

Bar Director Jim G., President Jim and myself met with Grass Valley Brewery recently to iron out the plan. In general, several breweries will be invited, we’ll set up a “tasting area” on the grounds and we will sell tickets to the tasting. Friday night we’ll move it over to the BBQ area. Should be fun. Should entice some additional …younger…visitors. Next Car Show meeting we’ll continue to work on the details.

Gravity drags at the Roamin Angels car showWe did a count of gravity drag cars still in storage earlier this year. Because of the popularity of the Buzzards Gravity Drags contest, the count was low. I think we had some 80 cars remaining meaning the races were in jeopardy. It takes some 300 plus to pull the event off. They all need to be in fresh packaging and of course of the hot rod look. The excellent news is Bill B. and his Buzzard brothers secured a donation again of another few hundred from a generous Keith J. Thanks Keith! Enjoy the show on us.

Thanks to one and all for help at this year’s downtown GV car show. I think it’s crazy to be there at 6am for a 10am car show but… there we all were…and when we arrived the real wackos like the 6 Roadents and Ray Y. already parked and on station waiting for us slow pokes. John K. was sleeping in… laughing at us all the way from Nevada. Anyway, good showing of cars. Interesting group of English sports cars like a Spitfire, MGB and a TR3, nice 356 Porsche, as well.

There has been some disconcerting news in the last week or so from Sierra College regarding their automotive program.  Many of you know I’m involved with the High School District’s Career Technology Programs.  Unfortunately, R.O.P. was killed off in this community a few years back. Fortunately, C.T.E. (Career Technology Education) is on the rise filling the void growing and nourishing Ag Science and Mechanics, Automotive, Culinary, Construction Science etc., etc.  Those programs stand a better chance of, success, retaining kids, and keeping them local with strong Sierra programs to enable them to continue their education.

Sierra’s claim is their automotive program was “out of date”.  Yes… unlike English or Spanish classes, technology changes. “Habla Espanol? ” or “Verbs” do not. While the basics of Diesel mechanics may be the same, the technology driving a self driving Semi is not static. Think programming, satellite communications, voice recognition…instant translation from one language to another… and electronics. An all electric Tesla takes skills constantly updated. Bring on the updates! But suspending a program while you do that tells me your finger was way off the program’s and industries pulse all along.

I hope to survey the local automotive shops to establish the market value of an Automotive graduate. I think Sierra’s finger is way off that pulse as well. They used to be called “Community Colleges” for a reason.  The majority of us may be Seniors but that doesn’t mean there is no fight left…stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 11th is the next Car Show Meeting. Plan on attending.