Friday Morning Breakfast Guest

Ian with poster of 1941 KDF Type 60L built by Nazi Germany

May 17, 2019

Ian is a customer and car enthusiast who likes VWs. The picture you are looking at is not a VW but a 1941 KDF Type 60L built by Nazi Germany. Imagine the look of this vehicle …not to mention the engineering… compared with all the other boxish looking things of the late 30’s and early 40’s.

Ian bought the poster (rare) and a manual showing the complete restoration and history of finding and identifying the vehicle. I think he said a dozen were made. The photo is of number 6.

Ian asked me if I knew any car enthusiasts who might like VW’s. Yes, I told him, but they all ‘hated’ non American classics but come to breakfast anyway. Just kidding. He came with his girlfriend, shared the stuff with a bunch of car geeks and had a good time.