We are thankful to all you crazy car peeps! Pat the hood of your Rod and thank it for its' existence and all the blessings it provides! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Car Show, Beyond And More
Ray directing traffic at the down town Grass Valley car show May 4, 2019

Let’s begin by thanking Chal Dececco for attending the last car show meeting.  While we are focused on 4 Wheeled toys, Chal’s preference is the 2-wheel variety. Chal’s input and suggestions regarding attracting more Classic Bikes to our Cruisin the Pines 2019 adventure generated interest from the entire crowd. One interesting idea was to spread the Bike displays around through all the buildings we take over for the show.  Having bikes in all the buildings provides attractions in all the buildings as added incentive to tour the whole show. Again,…

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