New Club Website Coming In July

New Roamin Angels Website launching July 2019

Change can be difficult but sometimes it can also be exciting.

Our Roamin Angels website was created in 2006. Over the years the internet technology changed but the website basically stayed the same.

A few years ago, our club started taking car show applications online and it was well received. Now, with the progress in smartphone and tablets, many people are using those devices instead of their larger computers to access the internet. It’s time for the club’s website to come into the ‘brave new world’.

With a clean, easy to read and navigate design, the Latest News will still be updated every month. New to the club’s site is the Forum where you can post your For Sale items, have discussions about how to fix things, post events and a lot of other subjects. The Calendar will be more interactive too. Club members cars will also categorized and updated on the new website.

The expected launch date is July 3, 2019.  The Roamin Angels’ Board and your webmaster hope you will like it.

– Diane B., Webmaster