The Other Side of the Track at Sonoma Raceway

I went to the drag races at Sonoma Race track on Friday, July 26. This picture right) is of Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney. She was the first successful woman pro-woman drag racer. She competed with the men in the NHRA and had a long career drag racing. There was even a movie made about her life and career in racing. 

As of Friday night these are the top qualifiers in the top fuel dragster and funny car classes.

– Austin Prock Chevy Montana top fuel 3.704 sec. 331.36 mph 

– Alexis DeJoria funny car 3.92 sec. at 326.56 mph. 

– John Capps Napa funny car two time world champ funny car 3.942 sec. 

– The Motorcraft funny car belongs to Bob Tasca.

These cars all run 11,000 horse power. Just amazing to watch! These cars just make you want to get in and go fast! – Don M.