Roamin Angels Car Show was a huge success! Thank you to all the spectators, volunteers and to everyone who showed their gorgeous cars. It was a wonderful show!

Memories And Photographs

During this tough time of sheltering in place and social distancing, it can be a good time to reminence about past trips and events.  Chamber News and Views, August 14, 1014: Take it on the road literally with the Roamin Angels Car Club and their annual Cruisin’ the Pines Car Show event. Submitted by Mike H.

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Show Snapshots

There were a lot of special moments during the show – From the Friday Night dinner to the clean up on Sunday. The Roamin Angels car show is run by volunteers, mainly the members of the club. From the initial planning to the wrap up ‘party’ to go over the ‘good, bad and everything in between, it’s a group effort. Special Thanks goes to Mike Hauser for his 7 years as the head director of the Greatest Car Show in Northern California.

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Eskaton Car Show
Eskaton Car Show - Aug. 27, 2019

Eskaton Car Show – August 29, 2019 Nine Roamin Angels special cars went to Eskaton. The Residents came out to view our Special Cars and visit with us. At lunch we had good food and entertainment. 50’s and 70’s music. The residents and staff danced to the oldies. Had a great time. Ken Basile gave rides to some of the residents and staff in his Mercury. One resident, Inez, was 101 years old. Looking forward to next years Eskaton Party. Commentary by Pat G. • Photos by Pat G. and…

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Car Show, Beyond And More

Signed up for the combo General Meeting and Car Show Meeting on August 13th? I know a lot of you are. The gathering starts about 4:30pm at Condon Park. Come have a glass of a little something to ease the tensions. About 5pm the local cars and drivers from “The Great Race” will share their stories about the trek from Riverside to Tacoma. I’ve also extended invitations to the “Constitution Day Parade” team so they can tell you about their event and how some classics fit in. 5:30pm or so…

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