Oildale – The Movie

Saturday Night at the Movies – January 18: “OILDALE”

From Mike H.: We had somewhere between 350 and 400 people. Ray Yedding and team pushed out about 300 bags of popcorn.

Once again, we are so appreciative of the Roamin Angels members who joined us. I’ve been surprised once again in the last two weeks by members who also turn out to be Vets. You stand back and look at it and it’s logical. Hard workers, dedicated, honest, American.

From Diane B.: What a wonderful movie! And to think that it was made in two weeks! It was interesting to hear the script writer and director talk about making the movie – the inspiration of the writer’s grandfather and dealing with the town of Bakersfield. A lot of big budget movies could take a page from this movie’s workings. The acting was good. People laughed, teared up and were appreciative in all the proper places. It is truly a movie that all Americans and politicians should see to appreciate what happens to Vets when they come home from overseas. Thank you to the American Legion Post 130 for sponsoring this event which allowed all of us to see this movies for free. It changed how I will pay my respects to Veterans… Instead of just “Thank you for your service.” I would now say “I have no idea what you went through but I appreciate that you made the sacrifice for our freedom.”

– Photos by Mike H.