Car Show Meeting Jan. 2020

An All-member Meeting was set up at Unity of the Gold Country Church on January 21st to decide the status of the 2020 car show.

Issues discussed were the following: 

  • Do we have a one or two day car show; 
  • The show venue is either the Nevada County Fairgrounds on Oct. 3, 2020 or Western Gateway Park on approx. Sept 12, 2020; 
  • or will we have a show at all.   

Board members talked about the pros and cons of each of the three issues including available workers, financial considerations, logistics, and answered questions. There was a thoughtful discussion on all three proposed ideas.

Jim Richards and Ron Carmichael will be the car show chairs for this year show. Ballots were available for meeting attendess to help expedite the decision. 

The following are the submitted ballot results of the meeting regarding our Car Show.

74 Ballots were placed in the box and were tallied by Jim Richards, Dee Ann Bellows and witnessed by Ron Carmichael.

  • 2 had no information on them 
  • 1 said skip the 2020 show and in 2021 do a 1 day show at the Fairgrounds
  • 1 said do a 2 day show at neither place
  • 1 said do a 1 day show at neither place 
  • 1 said do a 1 day show with the Downtown Association
  • 1 said 1 day show with no preference as to place
  • 9 said No Show
  • 8 said 1 day show at Gateway Park
  • 10 said 2 day show at the Fairgrounds
  • 40 said 1 day show at the Fairgrounds

So by popular vote it looks like we will be doing a 1 day show at the Fairgrounds in October.

– Ballot Results Submitted By Dee Ann Bellows