Kudos and More

As we have always done, Jean and I try to hire kids from the local High Schools to fill our company’s needs and help them work on their futures.

Generally they were from the R.O.P. programs at NU & Bear River’s…..”Regional Occupational Program”…which today is the “Career Technical Education” program. One of the first kids we hired were Daughter Jessica and Son Joe of Bear Rivers’ Auto Shop program teacher Bob. That gives you some idea how long ago that was.

Andrew has been an instructor in the NHUSD system teaching Ag Mech. at NU. He moved down to Bear River and soon discovered the interest in car related hands on stuff. Those of you that have visited Ag Mech with me over the years at that campus also saw the obvious demand. How many kids did we witness asking the instructor then if they could________ (fill in the blank) to their car after school in the shop? The on campus car shows crammed with interested kids.

All good news!

Our Board has teamed up with NAPA/Riebes and are fulfilling the tool set request to the tune of $2,000. Roamin Angels Rule!

Andrew will begin a small engine repair class this Fall. He’s got two sessions with 60 kids signed up presently. Unfortunately, this investment only covers some of the wish list. The availability of tools and gauges, even to a giant like NAPA, is tough. The cost has gone up as well. We’ll be delivering about 1/3 of the tool sets requested on Andrew’s wish list.

Andrew and his Corvette (Yep he’s a car nut) and Bear River kids will be at “Cruisin the Pines” in September to tell their story. Riebes will shine a light and offer some incentive if you donate to the cause. Bring some needed tools or some money. Look for them in the Riebes’ area.

I’ve worked with the CTE program for a few years now. The NUHSD is way ahead of the curve as I’ve told you previously. Construction Science, Culinary Sci., Ag Mech. Ag Sci., and soon even an ROTC program if it all goes right. NU has a killer Auto shop program and an awesome instructor in George. How about we help Andrew with the re birth of a Bear River program that one day will grow Angels of the Roamin kind?

Earlier this year we helped Nazar in support of his Ukrainian countrymen. The money we raised at the GV Car Show and follow up Legion dinner, some $2K, was just put to use with medical supplies and equipment confirmed received in Ukraine. Nazar wished to pass on a BIG THANKS to all of you. As things work out in this world,

Nazar came originally to the U.S. to …..race a Rooooskie Motorcycle at Bonneville. He set a record for the 1950 rebuilt bike two years ago. In the process he met the Buzzards (some guy with a big hat and cigar….) doing their thing at the flats and in that whole process, an award winning documentary film was made that we hope to show with help from the NC Film festival. Nazar his headed back to Bonneville as we speak and will be at Cruisin the Pines with the bike next month.

– By Mike H.