Kudos & Announcements – August 2022

Will We Have a Christmas Party?

The Board is looking for some elves that might be interested in chairing a committee for the annual Christmas Party. If you are interested in getting some other elves together for a committee, please contact a board member.

Recycled Roadster Project with local Boy Scouts & Girls Scouts

Work with the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts on a really fun project called Recycled Roadsters. The kids will be showing their final projects at the Roamin Angels Car Show on September 10. Project Contacts: Susan Barry and Diane Blakley. Construction Timeframe: August 1- September 9, 2022 Projects will be brought to the fairgrounds on September 9 between 3:00-5:00pm. Project description: Creating 1 or 2-dimentional (2-D) or 3-dimensional (3-D) wheeled vehicles within specified categories. Vehicles can be 3-D stationary or moveable (powered by some source) or a 2-D painting, drawing or collage.

Outline of Project

• Size: 1 or 2-D: Maximum Flat Size: 12” X 18” and 3-D Maximum Size: 18” Wide X 18” Deep X 12” High
• Category: Multi-wheeled, Hot Rod, Roadster, Space, Future, Farm, Other
• Recycled/repurposed materials: 80% of the 3-D entry must utilize recycled or repurposed materials. Note: 2-D projects are not required to use recycle/repurposed materials although if they are doing, for instance collage, they could.
• Stationary or Powered

Work meetings dates are
Friday, August 19 & 26 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm an Thursday, September 1 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. We are meeting at the GV Scout Lodge at 441 Memorial Lane, GV by Memorial Park.

This is our first time trying this project, the scope of what the kids can create is pretty open. I hope this sparks you to want to help out. If you know anyone else who might be interested, please forward this information to them. Want to be a part of this fun and interesting project and help the kids design the vehicles of the future? Contact Diane  277-2540 or Susan 277-3195.

RA Car Show Meeting Minutes July 12, 2022

Meeting on July 12, their were 23 in attendance. Gin Van Fossen gave her report on show t-shirts and prices. New prices this year $25 with plus sizes a little more. Gin ordered 400 dash plaques. Diane Blakley got us Rock Auto Event Sponsorship. Also, the ACCC will have a booth at the car show. Diane gave out Members Only Apps for our show, we only pay a fee of $10.00! Also all Apps are on our club’s website. We sold the engine! Jim Stillman gave a report on the Swap Meet at the Nevada City Elks Lodge, it was a success, but will do things a little different next time. Thanks Mike Hauser and the V A Bus for Rood Center – rides back and forth. The next Car Show meeting and the last before the Big Show is August 23 at 6:30pm, Ice Cream Social and wrap up details for the show, and a special thank you to members for helping making our 60th anniversary a big show!! Gal Pam and Guy Jim