Summer Roaring Road Trip to Santa Cruz

Ten Roman Angel cars headed for a non-mystery tour to Santa Cruz on 14 June. Everyone had a history sheet to inform them of local events. They also had a road Jeopardy question sheet with 30 questions that had a $50 prize which was won by Jerry Brown. We had lunch at Casa de Fruta and on to Santa Cruz.

At the hotel, some people went for dinner at Santa Cruz boardwalk, some had pizza and beer at the hotel and some of us walked to an ice cream shop close by and had our dinner there.

The second day a visit to Canepa motors, viewing his very expensive foreign and American cars. He also had his race cars and motorcycles displayed. We had a great upstairs view of his garage with Ferraris, Mercedes and Lamborghinis.

After a lunch in the redwoods we took a ride on the roaring Camp Railroad to Santa Cruz Boardwalk. After we returned to Felton on the train we all went to Ristorante Italiano for a very nice dinner. The restaurant blocked off an area for our cars and gave us outstanding service for our Dinner. Bright and early the next day we headed to the 17 mile drive in Monterey, spent time at the Aquarium and had dinner at Bubba Gumps, on Cannery Row. Our hotel had a free breakfast that was very good each day.

We headed home and stopped at Santa Nella for a Pea Soup lunch. Lots of traffic through Sacramento.