It was a GREAT SHOW! Congrats to Engine Raffle Winner - Bryan Kangas and Jeep Raffle Winner, Andrea from Grass Valley!

Annual Meeting and Car Show Meeting

Combination Annual Meeting and Car Show Meeting 8-13-19 It was a great Roamin Angels combination meeting and it was well attended. The car show meeting was lead by Car Show Director, Mike H.. The regular meeting was officiated by Jim R., the club president. Special guests were the Grass Valley cars that had been in the Great Race. It was a fun and informative meeting with the Board giving their reports. Car Show Directors gave updates to each of their part of the show. Jean H. and her crew put…

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Combo General & Car Show Meeting

Come One-Come All! All members are welcome. Combination General Meeting and Car Show meeting at Condon Park… Tuesday, August 13th. Every Club member is invited to join in, talk and hear about what’s going on with the Club and this year’s 20th annual “Cruisin the Pines” Car show. The Club will provide the BBQ and drink. You must RSVP to Jean so we have enough food & libation. 271-1731 (W), 268-3436 (H), (email). Condon Park 544 Butler St, Grass Valley BBQ area 4:30- 7:30pm Tuesday, August 13th

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Car Show, Beyond And More – July 2019

It gets said over and over again in one fashion or the other…but once again I will observe: This year has flown by! Here we are on the downside of 2019 and closing in on “Cruisin the Pines” number 20. This is the July newsletter for Pete’s sake!! Pretty soon we’ll be talking “Toy Drive” aaaahhhhh!!! Deep breath Mike……. Let’s talk Racing… Our Mr. Alexander Rossi has been thrilling the socks off everyone in 2019. He’s got three 2nd place finishes and two 1st place races. One of those 2nd…

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