2020 Car Show Cancelled

The Roamin Angels 2020 Cruisin the Pines Car show has been cancelled due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year has been a very difficult one for our car club. As you all know, we have been holding our famous car show at the fairgrounds for many years and without any warning only a few days after the 2019 show we learned that our date had been changed by the fairgrounds. We were offered Labor Day weekend and then October 2, 2020. In January 2020, the membership had the opportunity to vote on the 2020 car show at the fairgrounds and whether it would be a one-day or two-day show. Many of you felt a 2-day car show was a heavy burden on our membership considering our age and health. A vote was taken and the majority wanted a one-day car show at the fairgrounds. Ron Carmichael and I were crowned as car show managers for 2020. Then, the pandemic reared its ugly head and things were thrown yet again into a tizzy.

As things progressed with the severity and dangers of the virus, for safety and health, the state closed the fairgrounds facilities in early March. Mass gatherings were cancelled and then prohibited by Public Health departments. Ron and I were confronted with a number of dilemmas. First and most important was the health and safety of our membership and secondly the economics of the car show itself. The average age of our membership is well above 60 years and many have health conditions. Other people involved in the production of the car show expressed that they were not wanting to participate in the car show where literally thousands of people from all over the state and Nevada would be coming to the show. That meant that we couldn’t logistically comply with social distancing and the enforcement of wearing of masks.

The economics of the car show is very important.Since we have had a long time fairground presence, the fairgrounds offered us a significant discount over the current pricing. Our base rental of the fairgrounds is $8400 for the one day car show. The normal rate is $17,100. There are additional charges for liquor liability insurance, vendor insurance, utility surcharge, trash removal, and a security deposit totaling and additional $2,441. We also pay for inspections by the fire marshall and some taxes. The cost of just renting the fairgrounds for the 2020 car would be about $11,400. The question then is will we have our usual participation or will the virus reduce participation significantly that we will not be able to cover expenses?

Both Ron and I spoke with other car show organizations and came to the conclusion that they either canceled their 2020 car shows or expect to cancel them in the near future. We then asked what is the prognosis for the spread of the virus through the summer? That was and remains unknown. Since the car show requires fairly extensive planning and the fact that a lot of the people who perform much of that are concerned about the heath and potential exposure to the virus, Ron and I decided to ask the board to cancel the physical car show for 2020. The board unanimously did so at the last board meeting.

In several conversations with Diane Blakley, she suggested we might do a virtual car show on the internet. Ron and I thought this might be a way to salvage at least the spirit of the 2020 car show and keep our club and those that look forward to showing their cars being displayed at least partially involved. Virtual car shows have sprung up this year in response to the virus…for instance, the Goodguys. Diane made a presentation to Ron and I and we took that to the board. The board was concerned about the cost since there would be very little potential income. However, there would also be much less cost than a physical car show. Ron and I are looking into the cost and the potential income from such a virtual show. The participants would send in photos of their cars. The cars would be placed in classes such as 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and so forth. Visitors would vote on best of show and we would have club member judges for the other categories winners. We would offer trophies, dash plaques, etc. We might be able to sell t-shirts and perhaps a raffle. Frankly, we don’t know if people would be willing to pay to enter the virtual show and what income we could expect from sales and raffle items.

Ron and I would like your feedback on the feasibility of a virtual car show and any ideas you might think of that would bring the car show needed income for the charitable activities the car show funds. Please contact either of us by email or phone.

With best regards,

Jim Richards