It was a successful Toy Drive! Thank you to everyone who helped out and contributed...its all about the Kids!

Story Time

The pictures of the kids in the Mustang are some of my favorites. When I was on the Board as the Event guy I arranged a visit to Hennessy School to stage a small car show specifically with cars the kids could get into and mess with. These kept saying “I’m driving to New York!!!!” I use this photo as back drop on one of the computers, so I see it frequently. It leads me to the point of this note told in a couple of stories… Story 1 I…

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Ray’s First Car

The caption under the newspaper photo reads “Raymond Yedding is only one of the many Wayne county boys working on their entries for the Wayne County Opti-Derby. The local Optimist club is sponsoring the event to be held on West Main Street near Clear Creek park on August 21.” Ray’s love of cars and working on them started at a young age. This car(t) was made from a crate. Did Ray win? You’ll need to ask him.

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