Story Time

The pictures of the kids in the Mustang are some of my favorites. When I was on the Board as the Event guy I arranged a visit to Hennessy School to stage a small car show specifically with cars the kids could get into and mess with. These kept saying “I’m driving to New York!!!!” I use this photo as back drop on one of the computers, so I see it frequently. It leads me to the point of this note told in a couple of stories…

Story 1

I got involved with the High Schools as an adviser on their CTE programs a couple of years ago. Most everyone recognizes “R.O.P.” – Regional Occupational Programs. “CTE” – Career Technology Education has taken its’ place. I’ve taken many of you to the schools and classes so our car guys and gals could see for themselves what’s going on. Auto Shop, Ag Science, Ag Mechanics etc, etc. I’m happy to say the visits proved positive for everyone. This year Randy K. and Bob N. have joined me as mentors to some Seniors so they can complete their senior projects in order to graduate. My team of kids are rebuilding a motorcycle (along with Dad & Granddad), car suspensions and an ATV. The kids have so far described their challenge in writing, established the education goals of the project and in mid-March we’ll meet and see what they’ve accomplished. 

Take a peek at Randy’s storiy in this issue (page 1). I’ve spoken with both and I think it’s safe to say those guys are super happy with the kids and their projects. I can’t tell you how grateful the kids and schools are that Bob, Randy and the Roamin Angels are involved. 

Story 2

Got a call from Gary B. last Summer telling me that Jack Laird had a senior tenant that wanted to take a car to Kilroy’s to get rid of or give it away. Both thought that the schools might want it. “Go look at it” I was told.

I did and my jaw dropped. A 1982 Pontiac Trans AM, 305 and 4 speed. Imagine a well used car that had basically sat for a few years. I ran back to the office and called my contacts. “No thanks, COVID is causing us all problems” was the response. Long story short…I told her my Grandson would love to work on it. She handed me the keys and said it’s yours.

Eli has been working on it now for about 6 months and it’s been a life changer for him. Remember your first car? 

The reason for me writing in this month? 

I want to say thanks to all the Roamin Angels who have stepped up to help all the kids, including Eli. The Club was formed after a few hot rodd’ers became famous for helping fellow motorists. Talk with Lanny or Claire one day for details. These cars, this knowledge, enables us to be life changers, if we wish. You have no idea how life changes for a teen when an adult takes interest and can provide a pat on the back and encouragement. Answer some questions. Throw out some compliments. Take a moment to assist. Prove that events like COVID are just stumbling blocks not the end for someone looking at life ahead. Conquer Covid life and it’s a piece of cake from there. When those kids realize that brains and hands can create miracles, they do.

So thanks all of you. Special kudos to Gary B., Jack L., Bob N., Randy K., John P., Lew D., Gin V., Diane B., Jim G. and Pat H..  

I’ll end by letting you know that Eli proudly mounted a Roamin Angels license plate frame on the Trans Am.

Story & Photos by Mike H.