Kudos & Announcements – April 2020

We are optimistically listing all the events and meetings in hopes they can actually happen. All the events and meetings are subject to postponement or cancelation. Check your e-mail or the club’s calendar for updates.

  • Stay in touch with other members.
  • Keep your social distance.
  • Stay healthy.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Keep a smile on your face.

March Car Show Meeting Recap

Car Show to be held Oct. 2 & 3 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.


  • Security –  same volunteers as last time
  • 50/50  Raffle- Clare
  • Vendor Food Trucks – David G
  • Sponsors- Gary B
  • Trophies- Ron C
  • Trash – Pam and Fred
  • Car Corral –
  • Applications – Dee Ann B
  • Registration  – Karen R
  • Liquor – Jim G
  • Big Raffle – Sue C ( with help)
  • Most of buildings will not be used :
  • No Art Show
  • No trailers
  • No poker run
  • No stripping for car parking

Other Information:

  • Currently the Fairgrounds wants a basic cost of $8400 plus, plus (deposit, liquor license  vendor insurance, parking concession  etc.) Jim is going to try to negotiate lower price if we do not use buildings.
  • Food Trucks to park near picnic tables for easy trash pickup
  • Show participants to meet Oct 2 at 1 pm and be out of fairgrounds by 9 pm, Oct 3rd.
  • Concerns regarding lighting that time of year to do breakdown.
  • Would a swap meet near race track add revenue or just add more work?
  • Jim R appointed Ray G to the board.
  • Recap provided by Sue C.