Kudos, Announcements and More


The 20th Cruisin’ the Pines Car Show is here and super kudos to the members that make it possible. So many of you have worked very hard to bring this show to fruition. As all of you know it is a very large car show put on by a relatively small car club. The venue is superb and the content is spectacular including street rods, classic cars, custom cars and trucks, vintage camper trailers, classic boats, motorcycles, the Artisan’s Faire, live music, games, contests, beer sales, art exhibits, raffles, Friday dinner, security, set up and clean up and the list goes on. I don’t think many of our guests realize how much behind the scenes work has to happen to pull off this event. We will give out more than 50 trophies, members had to stripe the entire fairgrounds make and put up signs, design and set up booths, produce raffle tickets, distribute tickets, transport the engine all over to sell tickets, advertise the show, sell shirts, transport all the equipment from storage, find and then organize the vendors, decorate the buildings, the memorial, organize the seemingly easy handing out of trophies which is way more complicated than one would think and so much more. Thanks to all of you for your hard work. The show allows us to give back so much to the community in the form of scholarships, survive the drive, the scouts, other community organizations and the Christmas toy drive. This is a great feather in the cap of the members and we have every reason to be proud of our accomplishment and contribution to our wonderful community. Please take a little time to walk the show, see the cars and exhibits. I know that I find it difficult to actually see the show and I know that is true for a lot of members but you deserve to see the product of your work. So on with the show…. – Jim R., Club President

KUDOS!!! to those who have helped sell Engine Raffle Tickets

KUDOS!!! to those who have helped sell Engine Raffle Tickets this year, approx. 1500 tickets starting at Autorama, Bruce Kimmich towed the trailer.  Also Bruce, towed the trailer to the Downtown Car Show, Bill Bowman to the Downtown Great Race, Mike Hauser to the Airshow, Christie Barden to Mel’s Car Show – where there were approx another 100 tickets sold.  Then, we have those who have sold close to a hundred tickets each Mel and Chris Engles and Paula Ballard selling to friends and neighbors. The SIGN Guys will tow it to the car show. Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.  Thank you All!!!

We only sell 3000 per year, we give all the non member car show participants a ticket in their packet, 300-400 tickets are given out.  So to date we still have around 1100 that we can sell at the car show.

Request and Thank you in advance if you can give an hour or two on Saturday and/or Sunday during the car show we can certainly use your help. Again we appreciate all members whom help our club for all our events and ticket selling.

See you at the Car Show!!! – Nikki G.

The Toy Drive is Gearing Up

Event Coordinators: Pam and Fred D.


$2.00 hamburgers, Raffle, $20.00 GIFT CARD for best 4X4, best hot rod, classic, import, VW.
Time: All day • Judging at 5:30pm • Raffle drawing at 6pm.
Please bring a toy!


Dec.7th at K-Mart parking lot from 9am until 2pm. Bring a new unopened toy or blanket or jacket.

Cruise of Classic Cars from Savemart parking lot near B&C by 9am. Limited to the first 25 cars this year, per GVPD. Contact Pam to sign up to be in the parade.

All welcome to help and assist, be there by 8am. Coffee and donuts provided by Salvation Army.

Hot Tips from Susie Q

Now that you have purchased your new Crusin the Pines tee shirt, use SC Johnson SHOUT ColorCatcher dye-trapping sheets, 24 to a box, available all Safeway, Target and Wal-Mart. With ColorCatcher sheets you can mix whites and colors without worrying about color runs. No need to separate your clothes by color. These sheets are dryer safe. Susie Q has used this product for over 20 years. The sheets really work! Have a ‘HOT TIP’ you’d like to share? Send it to the Editor at diane.blakley@sbcglobal.net and she will pass it onto Susie Q for testing.