Colfax Car Show

Colfax Car Show - August 17, 2019

Colfax Car Show – August 17, 2019

The Colfax Lions held their third annual downtown Car Show Saturday, August 17th. The weather was a blistering 92 degrees but a breeze helped. Fifty five cars on hand, fifty less than the last two years, but weather was partly to blame. The Lion’s furnished lunch, a DJ played music we all enjoyed and a raffle where every Roamin Angel appeared to win something. Having a small show sure appealed to me and others too. Oh yes, donut holes and coffee when we arrived. Scoops Ice cream was down the street and that concession stayed busy. The Pizza restaurant up the street was open for those in need. Lions cooked hamburgers and hotdogs along with chips and amenities all for a modest price. True, participation was far less than previous years but still it was a great gathering of fine cars and good folks. Thanks to the Colfax Lions for their 3rd show and hope for next year’s Colfax Car Show.

Commentary by Ron C. • .Photos by Pat G.