Bugatti Boatail racer

From Don M: One thing I have learned about cars and coffee… you never know what or who is going to show up. I am amazed at the number of old classic cars that are up here or drive up to be here and show up at times to  Cars and Coffee in Grass Valley.

This is a Bugatti Boatail racer. it is from the early 1900’s. I did not get a chance to talk to the owner but is is very rare and something you only see at Autorama or car museums. I asked Marty [Souter] who knows European cars pretty well and he thinks it is a kit car. I don’t know. In the picture I took of the front you can kind of see that the steering and suspension is all cast. It also has the old hand crank starter. The wheels are aluminum and not the old wood spoke that would have been on an original of that time. Pretty cool and rare. I am going to look out for it and I would like to talk to the owner. I am going to see if I can find anything on the internet about old Bugatties. I’ll keep you posted. Your roving reporter… Don