This Is High School Auto Shop?

George Woodward and Kelsey Langel invited me to spend the afternoon in the auto shop. I thought I was in a college environment as the class is almost three hours long and very detailed. 

In this class students were taught to clean the main bearings and install after measuring. Ten boys and one girl were full of enthusiastic energy. The shop was beyond anything I had in High School with half a dozen car hoists, brake, wheel, valve grinder along with tons of other equipment.

The instructor George Woodward is the real deal with extremely technical knowledge (he’s also my neighbor) These kids have learned a lot from him. The instruction sheet had me doing a double take at some of the procedures.

Kelsey Langel is the leader for their thesis. Yes, High School and they have a thesis. Yes, these kids are miles ahead of me at that age. The best kids with a focus on where they are going.

Can’t wait to go back and glad George invited me.

Report by Bob N.