Hot August Nights with an Ultra Van

Ultra van

I attended Hot August Nights in Reno Nevada this year – August 6th thru 11th. This event is held throughout the town of Reno and Sparks – The Bonanza Casino; Downtown Reno; Grand Sierra Hotel; Victorian Square (in Sparks); The Atlantis Casino; The Peppermill Casino. All of these venues had events all through the week. Show car parking in each of the parking lots, with prizes for each venue and each day. Estimated 6,000 cars registered for the event. From antiques (1924 Dodge Brothers) to hot rods and special interest vehicles (Ultra Van). The hours of work for each vehicle is just amazing. Times that by 6,000 and it’s unfathomable.

I parked at a different venue each day. The Ultra Van drew lots of attention. Most ask questions: What year is it? (1966). Does the drivers seat swivel ?(Yes). How long have you had it? (40 years). Was it built as the Oscar Meyers Wienermobile? (No). What kind of mileage does it get? (13.5 MPG over 40 years of driving). Men thought it was “Nice”. Women called it “cute”.

I made up a flyer from information on the web site ( ultravan/) and printed up a floor plan on the back side of it. That answered many of the questions people had.

The last day on Sunday morning all the vehicles did a parade through the center of Reno. Cars two abreast stretched for two miles through town. It was quite a sight. Next year I think I’ll bring my 1961Corvair Rampside pick up truck.

– By Christie B.
2013, Blast From The Past – Revisited Stories From Newsletters Past

Interior Layout of the Ultra Van