Good Things Happen When Good People Step Up

Good things happen in the Community, in this Nation, in this World when good people step up. 

For 60+ years now the Roamin Angels Car Club has been stepping up in support of its’ community and neighbors.  For about 25 years we have staged “Cruisin’ the Pines”, our classic car show, that has attracted visitors and cars from literally around the world. Previously, the shows have been staged at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Typically we’ve hosted some 4,000 visitors, 600 – 700 cars yearly, and many, many vendors and local non profits. We’ve been honored to bring in our car buddies from around the world. 

    • “Havana Motor Club“– Cubans crazy about their American classics
    • Martin Vaca and crew from “Mexicanicos”, the featured Latin car TV show, who could not wait to  include the visit here in a broadcast 
    • Characters and cars from “American Graffiti” like Paul La Matt
    • “Deuce of Spades” Faith Granger car mechanic and movie star
    • Vietnam Vets bringing in a Huey so we could honor them
    • Nevada County’s own Alexander Rossi after he won the Indy 500 and 
    • The “Buzzards”,a local group of seniors, who race at Bonneville every year, setting records and goals for the younger crowd to follow. 

Almost every dime raised from these shows has been turned back to the community: 

    • 25+ years of scholarships for the kids like Alexander Rossi received, 
    • support for the High School’s technical career programs, 
    • bicycle and basic driving safety programs, 
    • donations to Hospice, Senior programs, the Food Bank, Veteran’s support organizations, 
    • funding Toy Drives to help the Salvation Army and the community’s hungry and needy and 
    • supporting our Boy and Girl Scouts. 

Thousands of dollars raised trying to better our community. Thousands of dollars generated in support of local business. 

2023 will see a change in our car show venue for the first time in many, many years. In order to support the community, the show’s cost needs to be kept low. The more we earn, the more support we provide.  

There is something magical about these vehicles. “Classic Cars West” is a new business located in the Nevada City TECH center. 30 seconds may be  a bit of an exaggeration but “Classic Cars West” supported by Nevada City donated the use of the many acres….free of charge….almost instantly for our car show.

You are invited to attend the 2023 version of “Cruisin’ the Pines” on Saturday September 9th , 9-4pm at the Nevada City Tech Center locate at 400 Providence Mine Road. Help us continue to support the community, come and meet the folks at “Classic Cars West” and see their exotics and facility. Bring your classic (if you think it’s a classic, it counts), enjoy the eats and treats, music, Poker walk, and the Scouts “Recycled Roadsters” and Gravity Drags. 

Thank you so much for supporting the Roamin Angels and its’ almost 62 years of existence. Thank you for stepping up. Enjoy the photos of past shows and get ready for some fun in September 9th.

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– Article to be submitted to the Union by Mike H.