What Goes ‘Round

What goes ’round….

About eight years ago I bought a 1961 VW from a neighbor. Dan had been on the Home Owners Board with me for about 6 years. I pestered Dan for a dozen years to sell me the Bug that sat in his field attracting snakes and leaves. “No, you don’t want that old thing Mike” was always the response.

Early in 2012 Dan’s son came into the shop and we got to talking about the car. Turns out the Bug had been a project with Dan and his two sons. He did not want to let it go because it had meaning to Dan. A lot became clear.

The two sons though talked with each other then Dad and everyone decided to let it go. I bought it, put it back together and had a great time doing things that on a Bug are fun cause they’re simple.

When we moved the car from Dan’s property to mine, we had to lower the Bug down my driveway because it had no brakes… holes in the fuel tank… non running engine, you name it. Everything had rotted. This was to be my first total brake system repair. Loved it!

Before I did anything though I had to use the leaf blower to try and remove 12 + years of mother nature that had come in through the now rotted sun roof plus the open windows and filled the interior. It took HOURS just to figure out the wiring that two teens had done.

It took me about 6 months to get it ready to drive. It was a great six months. 

A few years back I added “Herbie” graphics for a time around Halloween. I would stop for a loading school bus then, as the bus passed by, I would see all the kids faces up against the windows smiling and waving. Strangers honking their horns and waving. Awesome experiences.

Last week Dan’s sons offered to buy the VW back. Life changes as we all know. Dan’s two sons are grown adults with children just about where they were when the Bug project first came together. The older brother is a Doctor out of State Doug is local. Both want what we all want. Hands on project time with the Kids.

So, adios to Herbie but Herbie!……you’re gonna love being what you’ll be part of next.

Story & Photos by Mike H.