Watch Out For Those Crazies

When the head of the local CHP office tells you “It’s been WACKO”….well…then I’m not crazy.

Have you noticed an influx of over the top driving the last couple of months? 

My travels almost every day take me up and down Dog Bar. I get on by the golf course and get off to finish my journey at McKnight then take the freeway to  Dorsey go up to Main, go right on Joerschke then left on Maltman to the shop. Dog Bar Is one lane in each direction, no passing double stripes, but the street is wide with a good bike/ walking lane on each side for most of the way. Most days lately there’s been very little traffic.

A few weeks ago I get on, get up to the 45mph limit and about a minute later there is a black BMW behind me. The dude accelerates to about 10 feet off my bumper then falls back to 30ft. This goes on till McKnight when he swings around me and grabs the freeway. Obviously he can go anywhere he wants but takes my exact route into the shop. I pull in and park, he blocks the driveway. A minute later he’s at the entrance screaming “Why are you following me???!!!!”. I get my employees inside, tell the dude I’m going in to get my 9MM then walk in and call the cops….he takes off.  GVPD arrives to find nothing cause he’s long gone. Both officers state “There’s a bunch of nuts out there!!!

Couple of days ago I get on Dog Bar going home. An old tan Toyota comes flying up behind me and pulls out around me then pulls back in front of me BARELY missing a head on with the truck in the opposite direction. He’s on the phone the whole way round me. He’s doing the same thing all the way down Dog Bar even passing on the right dodging a few people on bikes and a car coming out from a driveway. He then slows down from 60+ mph puts his signal on and makes a slow normal turn on Alta Sierra Dr doing about 20mph.

Merging into traffic off the circle from Idaho Maryland? Fun huh? The Circle itself?!! Why is that so hard for everyone?  Doesn’t anyone learn how to drive anymore!!!!??

Deep breath Mike….. That’s in part why we do “Survive the Drive™” also why I’ve researched a radar guided RPG round…..

“Survive the Drive™” 2021 is in the planning stages. The principal supporters and contributors have stayed in contact and are ready to go. Anxious to go. Pencil in April 2021 back at the Sierra College. The back up plan is taking them to Thunderhill where the program has survived even the virus. 

In the mean time? I found an old Radio interview for “Cruisin Garage” on “Survive the Drive™”. It is posted below. Check it out. Stir some memories.

Watch out for those crazies….