Visit to Nevada Union Auto Shop

May 13, 2024 • By John Pritchard

In an effort to encourage more young students to get involved in automotive careers, The Roamin Angels sponsored a visit to the auto shop by three experienced mechanics. They made presentations to four automotive classes led by their teacher, George Woodward.

Robert Brocke, owner of Foothill Car Care on E. Main St. was the first speaker. He talked to the students about how he managed to start in the automotive field as a cleanup kid in the shop, he learned everything he could, became a technician until the time he could buy the business on his own.

The second speaker was Theo Baker of TWB Mechanical . He specializes in servicing and repairing vehicles, heavy equipment, generators & snow blowers. He is a mobile mechanic who is licensed & insured. Both of the men were former NU students in the Auto Shop.

The third speaker was Nick Monico, John Pritchard‘s oldest grandson, who is a master technician at the Mercedes Benz of Walnut Creek. Nick had a slide presentation showing his progression from a poor student to an outstanding mechanic. He is 25 years old and went to UTI for his education. He was sponsored by Ford Motor Company and graduated Valedictorian for his class, then was offered additional training by Mercedes. After his training in Los Angeles, he was hired by Mercedes. Nick encouraged the students to use every opportunity to learn. One student asked how much income you could make. Nick told him the harder you work the more successful you will be.

Robert and Nick spoke to all four classes. The students were interested and had some thoughtful questions for the speakers.

Nick brought his 1990 LS powered Mustang that he and his grandfather built. It was a beautiful day and the  students enjoyed the information and seeing the car.