Vintage Trailer Village

We had a great weekend in our cozy Vintage Trailer Village. Twenty vintage trailers showed up. It was a tight fit, but everyone helped and didn’t mind being close. Trailer hopping was in full swing on Saturday. Many of the car show attendees were fascinated with the old trailers that were in such good shape. The idea of added accessories is important when showing vintage trailers. The awning, chairs, flamingos, etc. are all part of the presentation.

The best presentation was won by Micheal Aeri from Shingle Springs. The best restored was a 1964 Airstream Bubble (highly polished) owned by Dennis Weber from So. Lake Tahoe. The most unusual was a 1936 (boat tail) highly polished Boles Arrow owned by Con Oamek from Granite Bay. His tow vehicle was a 1947 Chevy woody in pristine condition.

Saturday night we had a pot luck dinner with all the trailers attending with lots of good home cooked food. After dinner, out came some stringed instruments and we enjoyed some good entertainment.

We had a successful gathering and everyone wants to come back next year. So lets keep the show going.

– Christy B., Mayor of Vintage Trailer Village