Travels for Summer of 2022

By Nikki G.

Danny and Nikki’s latest travels. We have been very active this summer of 2022 trying to escape the fears and devastation of the COVID experience. June, we were invited by three couples of our club’s membership, to go to Santa Cruz area with 10 cars caravanning together down the highway to spend a four-day road trip exploring the ocean area in our vintage cars. Then we were invited to travel to Oregon by Craig and Denise Catani (past members). They invited eight couples to join in the Klamath Fall’s car show for another three-day trip. That same week we traveled onto Bend Oregon to visit our grandson in our 1937 Sedan Delivery. August, we arranged a group to travel to the Foresthill Car Show, which was in a beautiful setting among the trees of Foresthill, sponsored by the American Legion of Foresthill – this was their first annual car show. With our entry we received the best BBQ hamburger lunch, and it was a very nice car show to attend. Bill and Pat Bowman won a Trophy for their 1971 Chevy Pickup. We had driven our vintage car 1937 Sedan Delivery over 14,000 miles in the past six years arranging road trips for others to join us or to join whomever had invited us to travel along with them. We have created beautiful relationships with the members we have traveled with. If you haven’t joined a road trip arranged by the one of the members then you haven’t experienced the real life of a “Roamin Angel”. We drive our car and we love attracting the attention of others when we have a group of vintage cars traveling down the road to our next destination. We receive many thumbs up and horn honking along our travels. We never refuse a chance to join a group to travel our highways and many scenic routes to any destination. If you have a destination idea discuss your idea with another member, if you need help with any ideas or planning, give us a call. We do not involve others when we are in our planning stage for our trips, and we sure have fun together as a couple deciding where to go to show off our vintage cars, and let our members enjoy a pleasurable travel experience. We would like to see another trip before the year end. October is still a nice time to travel to the coast or southern part of the state. Give it a thought and let’s have more “Road Trips” throughout the year for our members.