Toy Drive – November 28

2020 Toy Drive • November 28, 2020
Combined Effort of the Marines Toys for Tots and Roamin Angels

Special Thanks to the Event Coordinators:  Pat G. and Mike H.

This year’s Toy Drive is a collaborative effort between the Roamin Angels and the Marine’s Toys For Tots.

Pat G. and Mike H. organized this version of this year’s Toy Drive with the Marines. It was decided that going for money, not donations of goods or toys was the best idea considering all the inherent donation restrictions of physical goods.

Mike and Pat got together with our friends at Big A and Riebes and their generosity became evident again. Each will match donations to the drive to $2,000! The Roamin Angels Board joined in and will also be matching funds. It’s been amazing so far.

The generosity of our county has become evident again!  About $3550.00 has been raised so far and this is after one day!  At the B&C Hardware location, Gary B. and John P. took in about $1750.00. WOW!!  Dec 5th is still to come.

Richard G. and friend, Mike D., picked up and set up the tables and pop-ups at our seven locations.

At Daily Donuts, Babs and Jamie sang Christmas Carols for about an hour and not only drew a crowd but drew a dancing crowd. They will be back on December 5th by popular demand.

One of the Big A employees invited her friends to bring their cars (above photo) over and support the Toy Drive. I talked at length with the kids who are trying to form a Club….Think back to 1962 folks…and share the loves of their lives. What was one of them very proud of? The 2000-watt sound system. See the photos with the industrial power cables that made that possible (next page). They are a great group of kids who have been influenced by the Roamin Angels and wanted to say thanks. Duke Clement had mentored one young lady a few years back and others had attended Cruisin’ the Pines as gear heads from NU and Bear River high schools.

Thank you to everyone for all your help and support. The families and kids who the Salvation Army supports looks like they will be having a Merry Christmas despite these hard times.

– Photos by Claude & Janet H., Paula B., Pat G. and Mike H.