The Great Race – June 24 and Finish Line

Thank You to all the volunteers for helping out at The Great Race 2019.  

Whether it was parking cars that were on display on Mill and Main Streets or the Great Race cars as they came in for their 45-minute lunch stop, directing traffic, giving out information and selling engine and jeep raffle tickets – it was greatly appreciated.

On Monday, June 24th at approximately 12:05pm, 120 of The Great Race cars stopped in downtown Grass Valley. They were passing through on their trek from Riverside to Tacoma, Washington and had lunch at Tofanelli’s.  Cars from all over the U.S. and some from Abroad. As the announcer mentioned, The Great Race likes to plan their routes through small towns as the citizens of these towns support events like this. There was a wonderful crowd to cheer the participants on their way. It was very interesting to see all types from Classic to Junker Cars.and CHEER these drivers and their navigators participating in this Great Race.  

We had three teams from Grass Valley – one team included Den Reinholdt, a member of the Roamin Angels Car Club.  We wish all the Teams “NO” car problems and safe driving. Jeff Stumb, Director of the Great Race, complimented all our VOLUNTEERS for their part in a successful Event. It was an honor to be a part of one ‘pitstop’ in the The Great Race.  

Everyone… Thank you again for volunteering your time and to those who displayed their cars.  It was a great success.

Roamin Angel Organizers: Pat G. and Gary B.
Story by Pat G.
Photos by Bud & Edie H. and David & Diane B.

“Look at what the Roamin Angels invested in by sponsoring the kids and R. Brocke! The future of this Club is all! Nice Job Pat and Gary and volunteers. Let’s thank Big A Thursday as well.” – Mike H.

ON THE ROAD: Team Habitat Race Update: Day Four | Tuesday | June 25th

Carolyn Croker (seen left with Bill Croker driving through the Sierra Nevada on Monday) tells us that Monday ended with hot temperatures driving the back roads into Chico, and Tuesday took them into Willets for lunch and then on to Eureka with temperatures being much cooler. And after early car trouble, Den Reinholdt and Duke Klement are back in the Rally! Bill and Carolyn also wanted you to know that at every lunch and dinner stop they always have people come up and want to talk about Habitat and what they are doing in their community. Go Team Habitat!!

Exemplary Ambassadors

We are so proud of our X-Cup high school team navigators, Seth and Damien for their success in the rally, and for their willingness to spend so much time helping other race teams repair their cars to keep them race ready. What a fine example of great sportsmanship and the best of Nevada County!

Heading North

The race traveled up Highway 101 into Leggett, which is home to the Drive Thru Tree Park and the famous Chandelier Tree, seen here with the Robert Brocke X-Cup high school team driving through. This was part of the Great Race route, giving racers a chance to pass through the tree.

Fabulous Turnout for the Grass Valley Lunch Stop

Great Racers were very pleased with the welcome they received in Grass Valley! Our teams have said they’ve had many compliments on the pasties lunch they were served, and on the town and the number of enthusiasts who came to support the Great Race and Nevada County Habitat!

Submitted by Mike H. for Team Habitat Race Update

The Great Race – 3 for Team Habitat – Grass Valley

2019’s “Cruisin the Pines” is happy to host the 3 Nevada County cars that participated in the “Great Race”. Our teen entry – 1972 Datsun driven by Robert Brocke with his teen navigators, Seth and Damien – sponsored by the Roamin Angels, first time out finished 3rd in their division and 57th over all! Congrats to all the Team Habitat cars!

Finish Line | Sunday | June 30th

Team Habitat 1:
Driver: Bill Croker
Navigator: Carolyn Croker
From: Penn Valley
Vehicle: ’36 Packard Coupe
GR Class: Sportsman
Final Results: Finished 13th in the Sportsman Division and 26th overall.

Team Habitat 2:
Driver: Robert Brocke
Teen Navigators: Seth DeSena & Damien Christin
From: Grass Valley
Vehicle: ’72 Datsun 1200
GR Class: X-Cup High School
Final Results: Placed 3rd in the X-Cup High School Division, and 57th overall.

Team Habitat 3:
Driver: Den Reinholdt
Navigator: Duke Klement
From: Grass Valley
Vehicle: ’37 Packard Coupe
GR Class: Rookie
Final Results: Finished the Great Race in 111th place.