The Free 2021 Maxwell Car Show

There were ten vehicles that went to the Maxwell Car Show. Our group included Daryl C., Karin and Bill R., John P., Steve B., Bill and Pat B., Bill and Ruth H., Bruce and Dee Ann B., Dave G., Dave and Sandy S. and Richard and Pat G.

The morning was a little cool and we were all glad we brought a jacket or sweat shirt to wear.  But then the clouds went away and it was in the 80’s.  Perfect weather for a car show.  

The Maxwell Car Show was sold out – they had to turn vehicles away.  The Roamin Angels all parked together on the lawn – nice parking.  We had Valets that helped us find our parking spaces (students).They had two Food Trucks to choose our lunch from.  There were long lines, but the food was worth the wait. A few of us won raffle prizes, no trophies.  There was one vehicle who came from Colorado, he won the longest miles. It turns out he was coming to visit the area and brought his Special Car.  Very close to 400 Special Cars were on display.

It was a very fun trip.  Visiting with other club members was lots of fun.    The Maxwell Car Show is very well run and laid out at the local school. Thanks to all that went –  hope you had a good time.   

Commentary by Pat G. • Photos by Pat G. and Dee Ann B.