The Club Donates To Local Charitable Groups

The Roamin Angel Board approved four local area charities for disbursement of some of the funds from our 2020 Toy Drive.

KARE Crisis Nursery $1000.00. 

The check was presented to KARE by Lew and Debra D. on Tuesday, March 16th.  They are friends with Sarah and Lynn, the founders of the KARE Crisis Nursery.

Interfaith Food Ministry $1500.00. 

Gary B., Dave and Diane B., and Pat G. presented the check to IFM on Thursday March 18th.  We met with Executive Director Phil and Development Director Naomi at their building off Colfax Hwy.  They gave us a tour and told us how their clients get their much needed food.  Food is given away three days a week.

Nevada County Food Bank $1500.00.

Gary B., Dave and Diane . and Pat G. presented their check on Thursday, March 18th about noon.  We met with Nicole and she gave us a tour of their food storage warehouse.  Their food distribution is twice a month or on special holidays.  They use Churches for distribution spots as well as other places depending on where they are distributing.

Gold Country Community Services (Senior Center & Meals on Wheels) $500.00.

Gary B., Karin R., Jean H.r and Richard and Pat G. presented their check on Friday, March 19th.  We met Jane, the Executive Director, two Board Members and Nicole, the Office Manager.  Gold Country Senior Services just purchased the old Summer Thyme Restaurant building.  After remodeling, it will be the new Senior Center of Grass Valley.

Thank you all the Volunteers and Sponsors that made it possible for us to give out these donations.

– Pat G., Organizer