The American Legion 100th Year Celebration

100 years of service to our community

The American Legion and local Post 130 celebrated 100 years of service to our community, Nation and Veterans on November 2nd. We invited some dozen WWII Veterans and their guests to attend. We actually had some 15+ WWII Veterans in attendance. Imagine that! 15 Men and Women Veterans from Grass Valley and Nevada City, all some 90 + years old representing our greatest generation.  They can still dance!! I can tell you that!

Congressman Doug LaMalfa was present to make Congressional awards to each. The crowd was so supportive at times it seemed like we had thousands in attendance not the 300 or so in reality.

I want to personally thank the 30+ Roamin Angel Patriots and Veterans in attendance and the many RA family members like Jim & Judy, Riebes crew (Including Bart by phone), and Jay Cooper who made every effort to support these Veterans and the Legion. Jay himself is an Air Force Veteran, Colonel Cooper, his son, just returned from a year in Afghanistan leading a Helicopter division and his Grandson has just become an Air Force Lieutenant. 

This is one tight community. It’s great to see that we’ve got each others’ backs and jointly support the future of this Nation while honoring its’ past. Again, Thank You so much.