The 2020 Car Show

Roamin Angels Cruisin the Pines Car Show

Why the issue and need for change?

Shortly after the 2019 car show we were informed by the Nevada County Fairgrounds that our usual date for the car show was being changed to accommodate their Draft Horse Classic show for 2020.  The usual Draft Horse show was in direct competition with a show in Utah and few if any draft horses would attend the Nevada County Fair show.  The Fairgrounds originally moved our date to the Labor Day weekend which was completely unacceptable due to the fact that it was a huge holiday and few would attend.  I negotiated with the Fairgrounds and the only date they could give us was the October 4, 2020 weekend.  This is a little over 3 weeks later than our normal date. I asked Ray Y. if he had any influence at the Fairgrounds so he spoke with them to no avail.  I was able to secure August 28 and 29 for the 2021 car show.  In speaking with a number of club members many suggested we have a Saturday only car show and give up the Sunday portion. Others thought that the October 4thand 5th show would be fine for 2020. Still others thought we might find an alternative venue for the show.  Still others thought we might expand the Downtown Grass Valley Show and yet others thought we could hold the show at Rollins lake, Western Gateway Park the Auburn Fairgrounds or Yuba City Fairgrounds.  After a very careful review Mike H., Ron C, Ray Y., others and I felt that the October date at the Nevada County Fairgrounds was the best choice since we are known for “Cruisin’ the Pines” and the venue is excellent. However, the choice is up to  you, the membership.

Suggestions and Observations

In order to make it easier on the club members to put on the show I have some suggestions to consider. The physical work is the most difficult for us as we are all mostly in our “golden years’.  I propose that we recruit some high school and college age car fans to assist us in the physical labor of setting up the show and cleaning up after.  Club members with nephews and nieces who would be willing to help us since we are a nonprofit and our funds go to charity would be greatly appreciated.  It is also possible to hire up to 10 for set up due to the fact that Thursday and Friday are school days.  We can afford to pay them from the proceeds.   Also, to boost revenue we have space and interest in having a swap meet area.  Since serving food Friday night is a heavy load I’ve contacted a number of food truck venders who are willing to come to the car show Friday and provide a variety of foods including Mexican, American, Chinese, Pies, Ice Cream and soft drinks to order.  This will cost us nothing out of pocket.  They are all licensed and certified by the Dept of Health. The people could eat on the tables outside so we would not have any involvement in the kitchen and thus no maintenance.

What’s Next?

I am asking for your help in putting together a plan for the 2020 car show and your desire to either have a Saturday only show or Saturday and half day Sunday as we usually do.  I plan to have an all club meeting sometime in November so we can discuss and vote on a Saturday only or our usual Saturday and half day Sunday show.   Again, please consider asking young gear heads if they would be willing to volunteer to help us put the 2020 show together. I think some of the young folks at the high schools would be up to the challenge and have the interest in helping put the show on the road.

After the November all member meeting I am asking all those that volunteer for the various car show jobs to have our first car show meeting in January where we can work out all the specifics of the 2020 spectacular Cruisin’ the Pines Car Show.

Thanks to everyone for all your help and advice in this critical hour for our club!

By Jim R., President