It was a successful Toy Drive! Thank you to everyone who helped out and contributed...its all about the Kids!

An Early Hot Rod Story

I guess my love for hot rods started when I was in high school. I spent a lot of time doodling pictures of them when I should have been doing my schoolwork. When I was around sixteen I found a model A body that I bought for $10. I then found a frame that I paid $2 for. I had an old Oldsmobile engine that I had pieced together from several worn out motors. So I attempted to make my “dream” come true. Looking back, it was a mess. Although…

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Hot Rod, The Movie

A follow-up to Don and Gloria’s ’40 Ford story in the April 2021 issue. By Larry J. As it turns out, I was at Fremont drag strip when they filmed the movie. The “Hot Rod Willys” raced against an Olds Cutlass that was painted like a “laced Easter egg” (cool in the 70’s). The movie plot was kind of like a Western. The hero rides into a town that has a rich bad guy with a bad son. The bad guy has the Sheriff under his thumb. The bad son…

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Back to the Early 50’s

Well, it’s time to sit back, open up a brew, prop up my feet in their worn out Nikes, I wear em every day. I remember when you only wore your PF flyers to gym class. I turn the radio to K-AHI, and listen to some of that old time rock and roll. Im a-gazing at my latest project. Funny it must be Dae ju vue. (That’s French ya know). About 50 years ago I was workin on the same kind of car. Only I paid $50.00 for it then….

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