It was a successful Toy Drive! Thank you to everyone who helped out and contributed...its all about the Kids!

Geezer Picnic 2021

Definition of ‘geezer’:  an odd, eccentric, or unreasonable person or in the case of the Roamin Angels – someone lucky enough to reach the age of 70 who may or may not be odd or eccentric.  Pat G. and JoAnn B. would like to thank everyone who came to the Annual “Geezer Picnic”.  It was a beautiful Fall day.  A very special thanks to our Bar-b-que team of Gary B., Ken B. and Bob L.  The chicken was cooked perfect.  We had a lot of raffle prizes and a special…

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Geezer Picnic 2019
Geezers and Geezerettes

Thanks to everyone for attending the 2019 Geezer picnic! Thirty-one Roamin Angels attended and the food was good and the visiting was great. The raffle was fun. Clare gave the winners just 5 seconds to claim their prize otherwise she pulled another number. So people paid attention! Lots of laughs at the Geezer picnic. See you next year. Maybe you’ll get to join the ‘Geezers’. Photos and commentary by Pat G.

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