Summer 2019 Road Trips With Our Vintage Cars

Mike C., a former Roamin Angel member, asked a few of us if we wanted to take a Road Trip to a Car Show in Klamath Falls OR.  So, on June 28th, 8 couples and their vintage cars met at K-Mart here in Grass Valley and away we started off down Hwy 20 towards Corning where we would stop for our first pit stop and top off our fuel tanks. Then we were off to Redding where we stopped for breakfast.  Onward up Hwy 5 to Weed, CA stopping again for fuel and to stretch our legs, then we headed up Hwy 97 onto Klamath Falls.  

After collecting our rooms and getting settled, we went over and register our cars for the car show.  Back at our hotel parking lot we sat together enjoying cocktails and snacks, before walking to the restaurant that was conveniently next to the hotel for dinner. 

The restaurant was visited again for breakfast Friday morning before we drove up to Crater Lake with only one car problem on the way, which was fixed within an hour or so delay by our many mechanics we travel with. If you have never been to Crater Lake it is definitely a bucket list item. Then, Friday night dinner at the local Mexican restaurant and Karaoke performed by Claude and Janet H. after dinner. 

We attended the Car Show on Saturday where three of our travelers won trophies for their vintage treasures.  Trophy winners were Mike and Diane C., John P., Claude and Janet H. the rest of us envious because our cars did not win, OH well, maybe next time.  We all joined in with the cruise attended by many of the car show entries driving our vintage cars downtown Klamath Falls. 

Sunday, after breakfast, we headed home as a group with another break down, unfortunately the tow truck was needed for this casualty.  If you have a chance to join in on one of the Road Trips a club member may plan, you will want to take advantage. We thoroughly enjoy the people who attend these Road Trips sometimes the break downs are a quick fix, others get to ride home in a tow truck, but then the memories are more precious than the frustration of a break down. Try one! I guarantee you will not regret the experience of our Road Trips.

Monday, after returning from the Klamath Falls trip, Danny was already looking into another trip, once you go you continuously are thinking of your next road trip, we do anyway.  So, what do we do? Yes, we plan another trip just 18 days from the day we returned.  This time we wanted to go to Virginia City. Luckily, we found rooms at a reasonable rate in Virginia City at the Silverland Inn and Suites, where there was a car show happening next door to our hotel on July 19th.  

11 Vintage cars and their owners joined us Friday morning at K-Mart here we explained to all we were taking the scenic route through Auburn, up Hwy 49 through Coloma over to Placerville onto Hwy 50 into South Lake Tahoe for lunch.  

Stopping in Coloma at the state park we stretched our legs and our first pit stop. Here there was this itty bitty black and white chihuahua chasing a couple of squirrels up the tree.  You had to be there it was a site, then on the other side of the parking lot a mama deer and a fawn just resting in the picnic area.  After collecting ourselves and getting back on the road, we then stopped for a fuel top off and pit stop in Camino on Hwy 50.Here a minor breakdown, however; after the master mechanics figured out the fix, we were only delayed for a short time.  Now off to South Lake Tahoe, that route along highway 50 is one of the most beautiful drives you could ever imagine.  The trees, the mountains and the American River we followed along the route is amazingly beautiful.

We had lunch at the Cold-Water Grill Brewery in South Lake Tahoe, without reservations, they accommodated all of us with a wonderful and filling lunch.  We are very fortunate with many of our stops, our waitress/waiters are funny with quick wits and put up with our guys who think they are funny and quick witted.

Arrived in Virginia City around 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday. After getting settled in our rooms we found an outdoor patio where we gathered together and had cocktails and snacks before heading out to walk a couple blocks “UP Town” Virginia City to the Mexican restaurant for dinner.  

Saturday to the car show which literally was a five-minute walk from our hotel only took forty minutes to get to the car show, once parked we got our donuts and coffee.  We had the best parking spot in the show all together with our pop up and grass under our feet.  No trophy winners at the car show but we all had a great time, good lunch and saw many beautiful cars in a very beautiful setting.

After our patio gathering and snacks with no prior plans, Saturday night there were a few hot spots down town a few of our travelers enjoyed the music and dancing, and then the hotel bar for free drinks the hotel had given out coupons for.  A few of us opted for a quiet dinner and energetic walk back to the Mexican restaurant for dinner, and some spent a quiet evening in their rooms after having an earlier dinner up town.  

Sunday morning many of us wanted to head out early so we stopped at Gold Ranch for breakfast and last fuel top off.  One last minor fix to one of the cars, battery problem, then goodbyes to home.

Virginia City another place for your bucket list if you have not visited.  This trip was somewhat of an impromptu planning, and it came together nicely. I want to stress to those who may want to plan a trip, you can spend hours, which we have, or you can get the rooms, get the members to join you and plan as you go.   There are travelers amongst us that like everything planned and to know exactly every thing we are planning to do, others want to go and do their own thing.  Then we have planners who want the entire trip to be a Mystery for the travelers. We enjoy doing all of the above.  I feel if you reserve your rooms, check out a few eateries close by your hotel, a place to gather and be together are the main things.  Choose your desired trip a car show, a special event, a famous landmark, whatever; plan and invite the Members Will Come and travel with you.

August is right around the corner and no plans as of yet, perhaps one of our members will want to organize a trip in August overnight or a day trip.  Stay tuned for our next trip September 2019.

Danny and Nikki G.