Sonoma Raceway

I donated to the Racing for Chidren sponsored by Sonoma Race way and got to do 4 laps around the track in my ‘vette. Of all days for it to rain though! It was a bummer cause you could’nt get up to speed. These are a few of the cars that were there but mostly Corvetttes – a few Lamborghinis and Porsche. Getting ready to launch on the track! I reallized as I was ready to start my laps that I needed to get a picture of my car with something that showed that I actually got to race around the track. I jumped out of the car just before my start with the camera to try and find something that said Sonoma Raceway so I could proove to everyone that I actually drove the course. I got two pics of signs for the track in the backround, The guy in the pilot car at the start line was yelling at me to get in my car and start! I had to get a pic though. This orange car is a Mclaren. Probably the most expensive car there. Maybe in the $300,000 range. Over 200 miles an hour I was told., The other is a Lamboghini.

Commentary & Photos by Don M.