Scenes from Bonneville

Riding a 1951 Russian (who wudda thunk) Motorcycle to a speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The documentary to be released soon. Come meet Nazar from the Ukraine and the bike at the Cruisin the Pines show 9/10/22 in Grass Valley! Some of you may remember Nazar from the downtown Grass Valley. Nazar even met our local Club the “Buzzards” at Bonneville when all this happened. The Buzzards race cars and Motorcycles every year at Bonneville. Look for a video up here soon about Nazar’s adventures.

The Roamin Angels, Grass Valley Chamber, the American Legion and the Nevada County Community helped Nazar raise $1800 for first aid supplies for his fellow Ukranians. What you may not know is that Nazar originally came to the States in 2019 to fulfill a dream to race on the Salt Lake Flats in Bonneville. He did and set a speed record. 

See the  promo video here: of the film to released at the Toronto Film Festival.

Commentary and photos from the Roamin Angels Facebook page maintained by Mike H.