Our Community Shines

Championship Winners:
Ken & Jo Ann B. – 1952 Mercury Monterey
Mike T. – 1927 Ford Model T Roadster

Through Toy Drives, Car Shows, Teen Driving safety events, Veteran support activities, Cruises, Swap meets and various fund raising events, the message that’s repeated is what a great Club and group of people the Roamin Angels are.   

People like Lanny N., Clare M., Ray Y., John K., and Mike Z. grew a group of car lovers into an active, honest and community respected organization. It’s been fostered almost 60 years now by enthused members, boards, and volunteers into one of the most famous Car Clubs and community organizations known literally around the World. 

Like communities across the Nation, this one has desperately needed help the last two years. People have lost income, kids have been out of school and not socializing, families have been literally hungry, isolated & depressed. Our club’s Toy Drive was almost critical in maintaining the community spirit last year at Christmas.

Recently a group of club members including Pat G. “Community Star”, Diane B. “Marketing and Media Brain”,  Gary B. “The Sales Manager” and Mike H. “Head Gopher” stepped up again but not as the Roamin Angels but as Community Shines. Because of their enthusiasm and energy and community reputation, the business community believed in us and joined in to raise funds for the Food Bank. Other club members supported, enrolled, and pushed the series throughout the summer. Through this effort, Community Shines raised some $7,000 to feed the community and in the process make them smile and give them some fun.

Just as importantly in the process the Club reached out. 

To the social media followers who produced almost 10,000 hits on “Community Shines” & WWII’s Lou C.’s birthday alone. To those Kids who attended and helped judge the cars; to those families who got to interact with local Police officers and sit in and touch a hot rod; to the “Kid” who loves racing and with our help brought it back to the Fairgrounds. To those kids and families who got to have a drive-in experience like we did back in the day…food… fun… cars and left with  great memories, not to mention decals. They will likely be talking about this event in the next decades when they have their own Classics, be it a ’32 or a Toyota.

A Big shout out to Big “A” for hosting and to all the sponsors for helping us pull this off. Thank you, Thank You!!! 

Covid has caused problems the last two years. In 2022 we have another chance to do good things, to be the leaders. Let’s all join in and make it happen. We know best about making things shine, let’s make it our Community.