More Happy 60th Roamin’ Angels

In the September newsletter I brought up that I believe that if we want to see the Roamin’ Angels succeed into the future, we need to make the organization as inviting to new members as possible.  Membership chairperson, Dee Ann (530 271-5620,, tells us that requests for name badges have been rolling in.  If you haven’t ordered yours yet, contact Dee Ann and she can fix you up. It seems that members are seeing the benefit in wearing them.  Now all we need to do is remember to put them on each time we are at any auto-related event.  It would be a good idea to keep a few membership applications handy too.

You might want to talk to people that you know who were previously Roamin’ Angels and are no longer members for whatever reason.  It is time to share our club with them again.  Not only that, they can get a special membership rate for joining at this time.

Diane with the newsletter and email blasts already does a superb job of keeping us abreast of upcoming Roamin’ Angels’ activities along with car shows and other events that our members might be interested in being part of.  Of course, few people are able to attend every event, but the goal is to offer an assortment of activities so that members can pick and choose what interests them.

In talking to just a few of our current members, I have been receiving suggestions for both new activities and things that were done in the past that people would like to see brought back. Even with the high cost of gas, the road trips continue to be very popular.  I hope to join in on some of those if I can get my Studebaker running more reliable.  They look like a lot of fun. What was it that you liked to do that isn’t done anymore?  We could at least look into it.   One great suggestion involves doing some road trips on the weekend so that members who are not available during the week can join in.  Another suggestion is increasing the number of garage tours.  Do you remember going to Gary Apple’s shop?  This could be expanded to include visiting more commercial shops especially those that are doing the kind of work that we are not real familiar with. These are just a couple ideas that can be worked on to make them appealing to our members. 

What would you like to see?  I am sure that many of you have ideas for activities your fellow Roamin’ Angels would enjoy; possibly something that you have thought of or seen work in another setting.  These could be either auto-related or not, they could be used as is or adapted for club enjoyment.  Community involvement events can also be rewarding. Because we are fortunate to have a number of ladies who are members, it would be nice to have more activities that they would be interested in along with the men.

You may be concerned that if you raise your hand to make a suggestion you will be expected to be the person who runs the activity.  Don’t worry.  You will not be forced into doing something you don’t want to do just because you suggested it, unless you choose to.

If you come across a person that you don’t know at an event, take a moment to chat with them.  You already know they have at least some common interests in cars or they wouldn’t be there.  So asking what interests them makes for an easy conversation opening.  Stepping outside your comfort zone can certainly be daunting.  Remember, the Roamin’ Angels friends you now have were once strangers!

Let’s work together to increase our membership numbers so that the same few people don’t always carry the bulk of the load.  Remember, the goal is to enjoy your car club as you make new friends! The Roamin’ Angels car club already has a reputation of getting things done.  With a little combined effort, we can make this the best longest lasting car club ever.

Please contact me with any suggestions you might have, no matter how insignificant you think they might be.

Phone or Email only…No texts, please.