Mentoring the Future

This is an overview of the mentoring/intern program (CTE) at Nevada Union High School (NUHS) and my participation in the program. – Randy K.

Our Roamin Angels’ colleague, Mike Hauser, has been a huge advocate of community involvement on behalf of the Roamin Angels especially with the youth of our community.  He recruited me in late 2018 to work with George Woodward, Auto Shop instructor at NU, to possibly mentor/intern a student in my shop.  I interned a student, Dillion Haemmig, the spring semester of 2019.  It went very well. He helped with many hot rod projects and learned to be a very good welder.  From my shop, he went to work for Tripp’s Auto Body and the last I heard, he is working for Robinson Enterprises.

The interning program was put on hold in 2020 due to Covid.  Recently Mike again reached out to the club asking for volunteers for 2021.  Bob Norman and I accepted the challenge and worked with Kelsey Langel, Work-Based Learning Coordinator at NU,  Kelsey held a couple of Zoom Meetings with Bob and myself and several students to discuss their career interests and senior projects.  This is how I met NU Senior Parker Lubrant, who was interested in auto mechanics and for his senior project wanted to build/rebuild an engine from scratch.  This was a perfect fit for my shop as I always have several motor projects in the queue.  Even during the horrible 2020, I built five high performance motors.

Parker started in my shop on February 1st and works four afternoons a week.  He is a nice young man and is working out well.  I have strict rules in my shop, especially about cleanliness, organization and safety. Parker is catching on quick.  I already had two motors in progress, a 302 Ford for Roamin Angels member James Long and a 455 Oldsmobile for car builder Mike Miller for his jet boat.  My plan is to have Parker observe and assist as he learns, with these two builds and then build his senior project motor.  For this, I have an old school 327 small block out of a ’66 SS Nova that he will build on his own with my supervision.

So far, Parker has learned to prep blocks for assembly including honing cylinders, chasing threads, assembling and clocking piston rings, installing bearings then the crankshaft, pistons and camshaft.  We are now preparing to degree the cam in the 302 Ford.  (Did I mention I hate Fords?)

For the future, Parker has enlisted in the Marine Corps and will begin sometime after graduation in June.  He wants to work in the motor pool in the Marines and then possibly go to trade school to become a master mechanic.

I will submit an update once Parker has completed his motor build and gets it running.   – Randy

Want to host a student intern or be added as a community resource for guest speaking, mentorship, or other involvement with our CTE programs?

AN INTERNSHIP is the culmination of a student’s college and career readiness experience. Internships deepen a student’s understanding of the environment, expectations, and requirements of the workplace, professions and industries. Internships allow students to take an up-close look at what a “real job” is like and how the skills they learn in school can be put into action in the workplace. Internships may occur during a student’s junior or senior year or during the summer between a student’s junior and senior year in high school. Internships may be paid or un-paid work-based learning experiences with direct supervision and evaluation by an adult in the workplace. Each intern will have a written individualized training plan connected to targeted outcomes. Paid internships allow students to boost their confidence and motivation, practice positive work habits, learn about personal finances, and understand the value of financial independence.

Internship supervisors play a critical role mentoring and guiding interns during this critical experience. Supervisors serve as models for interns, enabling them to see themselves achieving success in the industry. We thank you for performing this essential role in the life of a pathway student.

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Kelsey Langel, (Nevada Union)
Christina Levinson, (Bear River)
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