May 2020 Announcements

Honoring Our Veterans … Memorial Day program on KNCO on May 25th

From American Legion Post 130: Commander Claude Hessel

And after a most unprecedented shut-down of not only our Post, but the entire Nation, and countries around the world, we are more than ready to get back to a since of normal.

These are abnormal times, which call for creative action. Therefore, we plan to broadcast our Memorial Day Program on KNCO, Monday morning, 25 May, for our salute to the Veterans who fought to defend and protect our Country, and payed the ultimate sacrifice. Those selfless Heroes more than deserve our endless respect and gratitude. For it is due to their sacrifice that we live in the land of the free and home of the brave. 

So, on that very special Monday morning, remember to turn on your radio and tune in KNCO, 830 AM, and help us honor our fallen heroes.

Stay safe and healthy. See you on the RADIO, Memorial Day, Monday Morning, 25 May!

Continuing Teen Driver’s Education 

Roamin Angels: Saturday, April 25th would have been the 4th “Drive to Survive™” event. As you know we are unable to stage our teen safe driving program because of the shut down. That doesn’t mean the work stops.

Dr. Browning of “Impact Teen Driving” and the CHP have asked me to share an interactive program in development for your testing and feedback. I’ve watched the video (10min or so), taken the quiz and passed the link on to my Grandsons for their review. Both are new drivers.

Since we all have the time, why don’t you do the same. The content is what we’ve hammered on the last 3 years. Just double click the link.

Thanks again to all the volunteers. The 4th event WILL happen.


Good afternoon Our Community Champions! I hope all finds you healthy and staying safe. 

Thanks to the support of the Office of Traffic Safety and CHP we have completed the Online CA Parent-Teen GDL Module, as well as continue to offer free evidence-based programs via webinars for teens, parents, student leaders, and those looking to learn how to facilitate our programs in schools next year.

Please share the new Online CA Parent-Teen GDL Module with appropriate audiences (see url link below).  I am also requesting that if you can spare some time to take the module that you do so, or share it will a loved one that has a teen about to start the driving process or in the driving process.  This will allow you to have first-hand knowledge of the usefulness, feel, and hopefully ease of use.  Also, the new module (as well as our other online programs) meet the Department of Education California Health Standards of Injury Prevention and Safety—so please share with your school/parent contacts.

Riebes has teamed up with the manufacturers of products they distribute, NAPA, The Automotive Trade organization and Local Auto Repair Shops in an effort to provide work and stability for everyone during this crisis. The Manufacturers are helping with extra discounts on products, Riebes 20+ stores are providing incentives to our local shops and the shops are passing on the savings to their customers.

If you are in New York, a working safe car is probably not critical now. You’ve got other choices. If you are in Northern California that vehicle may be your life line to food and income. That vehicle may belong to a First responder, Doctor or Nurse that helps get them to the front lines.

It’s good to see our team mates and long time Classic vehicle partners at Riebes taking care of our community.

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